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Schedule automatic backups

To schedule automatic backups for your virtual server log in to Onapp (

Click on the virtual server that you'd like to configure

Choose Storage > Disks


Click on the gear icon next to the disk that you'd like to backup > Schedule for backups


On the next screen, click on New schedule


Set up the schedule that you need.

  • Period: the frequency of your backups e.g. if you choose a daily backup and you choose 1, the backup will run once a day
  • Period type: you can choose from four options, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backups.
  • Rotation period: how long the backups will be kept. If you choose 1, only one backup will be kept at all times, so if a new backup is run, the previous one will be deleted.
  • Start time: it is advisable to set this at some time in the night, because taking a backup might have a performance impact on your server.
  • Enabled: choose if you want to enable this schedule right away.


If you need to have more than one schedule type (e.g. you need a daily AND a weekly backup as well), just create a new schedule and set it up according to your needs.