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Provision a Virtual Server

Log in and click Virtual servers, then click the + sign


Click on the CentOS template and chose version 7.7


Give the server a name (label is what you see in OnApp, hostname is what you see if you log on to the server). I set the password to what I gave you earlier. Click NEXT


On the next screen:
Specify the RAM and CPU cores 1 according to your needs.
Choose datastore from drop down menus for both the main disk and the swap disk: together they add up to 500 GB Swap disk is required by CentOS!
Choose the IP range from the drop down menus and choose the port speed
Click NEXT


Click create virtual server


Wait until the VM is provisioned and you see it is turned on:


If you don’t remember the password of your server, click on the “password” field (username is root by default for CENTOS):