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Throttle Network Usage for Veeam Backup Agent

In case your cloud backup consumes too much bandwidth and hinders your ability to work / use your internet connection, you can limit the bandwidth consumption of Veeam.

Open Veeam Agent and click Settings.


Under General, click Manage Networks.


Under Throttling you may limit the bandwidth usage. How much bandwidth to allow for Veeam to use completely depends on your upstream network speed. E.g. if you have 30 Mbps (=megabits per second NOT MegaBytes!), you can choose 10 Mbps. If you have a very low network speed, the limit should be the quarter / fifth of your upstream speed. 


Under Networks, you have the possibility to restrict connection usage over VPNs. E.g. if you work from home, using a VPN connection to the network of your workplace, your employer might not want you to run such a bandwidth consuming task as a backup job through its network.

You also have the possibility to restrict the Wi-Fi usage: e.g. if you are on the road and use an internet café, you also might not want to run backup jobs through such a network.