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Network Traffic Rules - Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is needed if the bandwidth of the customer is not very high (e.g. below a 100 Mbps). In this case, we can tell Veeam to use only a part of the available bandwidth, so the users on the server won't experience any network issues.

Caution: these rules will apply on the whole computer. If you misconfigure it, you might throttle traffic to the wrong direction or during the wrong time slot. If you need help with the configuration, let us know.

In the VBR console, click on the main menu > Network Traffic Rules


Click Add...


Give the Rule a Name

Source IP address range: you can put in here the whole internal subnet of the customer, or just the IP of the Veeam server (by filling both fields with the same IP).

Target IP address range: the IP address of the VCC server that the backups are sent to. Click here to find the IP address of your VCC server.

Tick in Throttle network traffic to: and choose the appropriate speed. 

Highlight the time range when you need throttling and choose the Enable radio-button.


Click OK twice to finish the configuration.


In case your rule applies only to traffic targeted toward the Internet (this is the most common case, also covered by our example above), you DO NOT need to configure encryption because all Internet-bound traffic is automatically encrypted.