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How to determine if a port is open?

PowerShell equivalent to "telnet"

Most IT people know well the old command "telnet". In this article, we review how to use the PowerShell equivalent of this command, the Test-NetConnection cmdlet.

To test TCP connectivity to our Cloud server, do the following:

Open PowerShell on the server where you want to run your backups and type the below command.

Test-NetConnection -Port 6180 -ComputerName -InformationLevel Detailed



If you see TcpTestSucceeded: True, it means the port is open. If the command fails, the port is closed and you need to open it in order to configure backups to the cloud.

Never use Putty to test whether a port is open. It gives you false positive results.

Never use a web-based telnet client. It will only check whether the port is open on the Service Provider side, and so will give you a false positive result.

Remember to open both TCP and UDP port 6180! (UDP ports cannot be tested.)