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Configuration Cheat-sheet :-)

Veeam is BIG. You have tons of settings on your hands and each customer comes with different needs hence requires different settings. Veeam gives you all the flexibility, but in order to use that, you'll need to know the specifics of the customer.

Veeam product

Customer wants to backup Product to use
virtual machines Veeam Backup & Replication
a stand-alone server Veeam Backup Agent
a workstation Veeam Backup Agent

Backup type

CPU + RAM resources Storage resources Restore speed required Number of restore points Backup Type
High Fast storage Fast Below 15 Periodic active  full +  incrementals OR Reverse incrementals
Low Fast Fast Below 15 Periodic active full +  incrementals
High Slow Fast Below 15 Reverse incrementals
Low Slow "I take what I get" Below 15 Forever forward incrementals OR Forward incrementals with weekly Synthetic Fulls
Any Any "I take what I get" Above 15 (even as high as 30-60)

Forever forward incrementals

(Full backups consume a lot of space if the backup chain is long.) 

Application Aware processing

Configuration Native backup used? Recommendation
Customer has SQL, ActiveDirectory, Exchange, Sharepoint or Oracle installed No SQL native backup Enable Application Aware processing
Customer has SQL, ActiveDirectory, Exchange, Sharepoint or Oracle installed Has SQL native backup Enable AA processing, but on the SQL tab choose "copy only"
Customer has no applications depending on database integrity - Disable AA processing

Cloud backups: WAN acceleration

Bandwidth License Fast disk available for caching + has at least 8 GB of RAM WAN Acceleration?
Below 100 Mbps Enterprise / Enterprise Plus Yes YES
Below 100 Mbps NO Ent license OR NO fast disk + RAM Not eligible
Above 100 Mbps - - Not needed, direct method is faster

Cloud backups: backup copy type

Restore point requirement Backup Copy Type
Every restore point in the local backup needs to be copied to the cloud Immediate copy
Not all restore points are needed (copies only the latest available restore point to the cloud) Periodic copy

Cloud backups: backup window or network throttling?

CPU + RAM resources Network bandwidth Users affected by backups Settings
High High No -
Just enough / Low High Yes (lagging because of CPU load during backups) Backup window (but always make sure that the job successfully finished --> if not: network throttling!)
High Low (but above 1Mbps upstream) Yes (network speed is low during backups) Network throttling
Just enough / Low Low (below 1 Mbps upstream) Yes (processes are lagging and network speed is low)

Upgrade your internet connection :( - If not possible:

Backup window

(but no guarantee that the first full backup will ever finish --> seeding is recommended!) OR enable throttling through Windows PowerShell

Cloud backups: compression

CPU + RAM resources Network bandwidth Storage space Compression
High High 3 times the backed up data Optimal (recommended)
Just enough / Low High 3 times the backed up data Optimal (recommended)
High Low 1-2 times the backed up data Extreme
Just enough / Low Low 1-2 times the backed up data Extreme (especially if backups run during the night when users are not online)