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VBM365: Reporting from the SP console


In case you want to send the report from the console, you need to have an email address configured and a working SMTP setup configured on the console.

Note: you can also run reports manually without sending it.


Log in to the SP console > Configuration > Notifications


Click on the "Not set yet..." link

Fill in the details of your SMTP server.


Save the configuration.

Email address

You can specify the company admin email address under the Clients section > Companies tab > click on the company you need > Edit > Email address


Report configuration

Go to Reports > Configurations > New > Microsoft 365 users


In the new wizard window, give the report a name.


Choose Individual reports and choose all the companies you are interested in.


Choose the locations (by default one company has only one location)


Choose the access type (typically this is Private).


Choose the time period. For a daily report, choose Day.

You can also specify an SLA above which the job results come back green.

You can also choose the object types (mailboxes, Sharepoint sites, etc)


To generate the report automatically, choose the scheduling options.

If you have a configured SMTP server and email addresses for the company admins / reseller admins, you can also specify the recipients of the report and the console will automatically send it on the given schedule.


Review the report settings and click Finish.


Choose the newly configured report and click Run.


Go to the All Reports tab to see your newly generated report.


In the report, you will see an SLA report that shows whether a given entity has been backed up within the required SLA (e.g. in case of a daily report, was a given mailbox backed up during the last 24 hours?). Additionally, you will have a list of mailboxes, Sharepoint sites, Teams group and Onedrives with detailed SLA information.