VBA: File-Level Restore Portal (from SP Console version 7)

The Veeam console gives you an opportunity to do a file-level restore on the self-service portal available through the console. This portal can be used to browse and restore files from local or cloud backups (regardless whether the backup was volume or file-level).

Things to note:

This feature only works, if the original machine where the backup was created is turned on. For disaster recovery scenarios (when your machine is inaccessible), get in contact with your provider.

This feature only works if you use our rental license and your computer is connected to the Service Provider console by the management agent.

To use the Search function of the Restore portal, you need to have "content indexing" enabled on your backups (the setting is available under the Guest Processing option in backup jobs).

You cannot restore entire virtual machines or computers through the portal. Only individual files and folders.

To access the portal, log in to the Service Provider console.

Click on Protected Data

Click on the backup set that you would like to browse through the restore portal, then click File-Level Restore Portal


A new window opens for the File-Level Restore Portal.

Select the backup job that you'd like to browse.


Select the restore point that you'd like to review.


The console will display the folder structure. Find the file or folder that you are looking for, then right click on it and click +Add to Restore List. Choose all the files that you'd like to restore using this simple method.


On the Restore List tab, you have three options what you'd like to do with the given file / folder:

  1. Download (to your own computer where you have the console open)
  2. Restore and Keep (keeping the original and restoring a copy of the file that exists in the backup)
  3. Restore and Overwrite (overwriting the original and restoring the file that exists in the backup on top of that file)


The restore progress will be shown in the status bar below.


When the restore finished, you'll see the file in the required place. In the example in the screenshot, we chose "Restore and Keep" so Veeam restored the file with the "RESTORED-" prefix right next to the original file on the computer where the backup is from.



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