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Slow VBR Console


Veeam Backup and Replication Console opens up extremely slow, sometimes throwing a time-out error message ("This operation is taking more longer than expected.")

One possible reason for the VBR console (deployed on virtual machines) to open slowly is because the use of vCPUs.

Veeam installs the free version of Microsoft SQL Server which is called SQL Express. This edition has a limit of vCPU usage of "lesser of 1 socket or 4 cores".


This means that if the provisioned VM has 4 cores on 4 sockets, SQL will only use 1 socket, and won't max out the 4 cores.

This can lead to an imbalanced use of vCPUs visible also in Task Manager:



Configure rather 1 socket with 4 cores. Consult the appropriate virtualization guide on how to do this. The point is that the CPU configuration should be changed as per below: