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Restore items through the Restore Portal

The URL of the Restore Portal is

Or Log in to the SP console then choose Protected Data > Microsoft 365 Objects > choose an object > click on Restore Portal


There are two possibilities to restore items for a M365 entity:

  1. the user him/herself can do it
  2. a Restore Operator of the organization can do it

In case you are an admin, and would like to manage the restore processes of your organization, please get in touch, because we need to add some permissions in the background.


The M365 Organization needs to be connected to our Restore Portal application. This can be done by a global admin of the given organization. Here is how.

Restore Process

Log in to the Restore Portal with an M365 user / Restore Operator.


Note: Restore  Operators need to choose the Scope of users, while individual users see only their own restorable items.



Select a Restore point


Select the item or items that you'd like to restore. In case you need to restore multiple items in multiple folders, you can also add them to the Restore list which you can review before you do the actual restore.


If you are selecting one item, just click on Restore. A new wizard will open.

On the Items tab, highlight the item.


Choose a restore mode.




In this example, I did the restore to a new location.

Optionally, give a reason of the restore.


Review the settings in the Summary page and click Finish.


In the Restore Sessions tab, you can follow the status of the process.


After the successful restore, I can see both the original email AND the restored email (in a new location) in my mailbox: