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Patching / Upgrading VBR through the SP console


  • you need to have at least 20 GB free space the server's hard disk
  • upgrade configuration file (you can get it from your SP)
  • a working configuration backup and if possible, a database backup (consult vendor documentation)
  • current VBR version needs to be on or above 10.A 
  • check if there is any running jobs > wait until they finish
  • check if there are jobs that would start shortly, and disable those
  • close the VBR console on the server

Upgrade or Patch?

Log in to the SP console and go to Discovery > Backup Servers

Under the Available Updates column, you will see either:

  • Patch available


  • Upgrade available



Highlight the given server by clicking on it.

Under Server Actions, choose Patch



In the new window, choose your settings.

Under Options, tick in Terminate all activities automatically before install

You may also let the installer do the reboot automatically, or you can do it afterwards in a maintenance.




Highlight the given server by clicking on it.

Under Server Actions, choose Upgrade


In the new window, a wizard will guide you through.

Under Source, leave the Download the backup server setup file option ticked in


Under Account, give the username and password of the server in the DOMAIN\USERNAME or HOST\USERNAME format.


Under setup options, upload the upgrade configuration file (you can get it from your SP).


Under Schedule, leave the Upgrade now option chosen, or choose a schedule that fits your needs.

Choose Terminate all activities automatically before install

Optionally choose to let the installer reboot your server (or do the reboot in a time that fits for you)


Review your options.


The installer will take some time to do the installation.

Post-installation tasks

After the install finishes, it takes some time until all the services restart on the server. During this time, the server shows as inaccessible from the console, showing the old patch level.

Optionally, you can check if the connection can be reestablished by highlighting the server and clicking on Collect Data.


When all services have started, the patch level will show up correctly.

You might still see a Warning under Update Status - this is normally the indicator that you still need to restart your server.



Restarting the server can be postponed until your next maintenance.

Important: check the backup jobs under Backup Jobs > Virtual Machines 
And Enable all that needs to run on schedule!