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Install Veeam Backup and Replication from the SP Console (VBR v12)


  • at least 25 GB free space on the client computer (installation file is 13GB)
  • Management Agent installed on client computer
  • installation configuration file (you can get it from your SP)
  • license file (you can get it from your SP)

Installation Wizard

Log in to the SP console.

Go to Discovery > Discovered Computers

Choose the server where you'd like to install VBR

Click on Install Backup Server


On the Source tab choose Download the backup server setup file from a Veeam web server

This is the recommended way, because the wizard automatically downloads the newest backup server version. 


On the Account tab, specify the administrator account that will install the backup server.

The format should be domain\user OR hostname\user


On the Setup options tab, specify the installation configuration file. (This will be given to you by your Service Provider.)


On the License tab, choose Specified license file and browse the license file from your computer. (You can get the license file from your Service Provider.)


On the Company Info tab, specify the cloud credentials of the company.


Choose an appropriate Schedule. The Deploy now option will start the installation immediately. Optionally, you can let the wizard reboot the computer automatically. 


Review your configuration under the Summary tab and click Finish.


The Deployment Status will change to Installing. Click on this link to review at what stage is the installation currently.


Note: Downloading the iso installation file is the longest step in the process. Depending on the bandwidth it can take even hours.