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Install the Veeam Backup Agent

From any computer: If you want to control the backup jobs of the customer through a Backup Agent, you’ll need to install it on the client computer. You do not need to be connected to the local install of the customer to install backup agents, you can do that remotely from the Service provider console. Log in with your Reseller account.

To install Veeam Backup Agent using the console, navigate to Discovery > Discovered Computers. Select a machine and click Install Backup Agent.


Leave the selection to “Account specified…” to use the credentials you specified with the Management agent


Note that we do not use Backup policies. Always choose, no policy (which should be the default settings) to configure backup jobs later.

The deployment of Veeam Backup Agent will start on the machine you selected. You can view the progress in the Managed Computers screen.

If the console prompts you that you need to restart the computer, right click on the computer > Management Agent > Reboot Remote Computer.


The process is complete when Agent Deployment says Success, and the progress bar reaches 100%.