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Connection to the SP Console - Using the Management Agent

Log in to the Veeam Service Provider Console as a company administrator

  • Navigate to
  • Log in to the computer where Veeam installation is located using your company credentials:
    • Enter the username in this form: company\user.
    • Enter the password.
    • Click Login.


Install the Veeam Management Agent

The Veeam Management Agent lets you remotely manage and monitor the computers where you want to use Veeam. To install the agent: select Discovery > Discovered Computers and click Download Agent.


For security reasons, the token expiry period needs to be set. The token expiry period specifies how long you can use the downloaded installer to connect computers to the console. The default is 12 months. When the token expires, the installer will still install the agent, but you need to verify the connection details manually.

Agents installed previously, within the token expiry period will not be affected if the token lifetime runs out.


Save the file to the desired location on the computer and run the installer.


Note that the server you are backing up needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or higher. The installer will prompt if any services or an OS reboot is needed. Please confirm if you get such a pop-up.

Run through the wizard.






The agent should start in the background.

After the installation, the management agent will establish the connection automatically. To check if the connection works, find the Management Agent icon next to the clock, right-click the Agent icon and select Agent Settings.


In the connection configuration window, you will see your company name, the cloud gateway and the management port number. It takes a few minutes for the agent to establish the connection; afterwards, the Agent status should be "Connected". If it's showing "Failed", it usually means the management port is blocked.


When you reload the Managed Computers page in the Service Provider Console in the browser (on any computer, logged on with the company’s credentials), the machine appears on the list.


Now you are able to manage this computer through the console any time, anywhere. You can reboot the computer, download Veeam logs, or upgrade the agent - all remotely, without having to log on to the machine.