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Configuration with Modern authentication

This is our recommended configuration. We can use this if you don't need to back up special mailboxes or dynamic distribution groups.

Details we need: 

  • M365 Global admin username
  • Admin password

Check out this article to create a Global admin in M365.

During the configuration process, we'll:

  • create a self-signed certificate that Veeam can use for authentication¬†
  • log in to O365 through device log on
  • a new application will be registered named "VeeamM365" on your Azure AD
  • the required permissions will be assigned for the application
  • Optional: log in to Teams in order to start the free Teams Exploratory license (you'll receive an email about it)
  • create the jobs to back up your M365 data

Create connection to the M365 organization

Log in to the SP console and click on Configuration in the top right hand corner.


Choose Plugin library and scroll down to find Veeam Backup for M365 - click the tile.


Choose Organizations > New 


Click Select... and choose the previously created company, then click Apply and Next.


In the Protected Services tab, choose which services you'd like to protect. Click Next.

Note: if you need Teams backup, you need to have a Teams exploratory license.


In the Connection settings tab, leave the Default region as it is, and click Next.


In the Application settings tab, choose Register a new Azure AD application automatically

Give the Application a name (this can be anything you like, just choose something meaningful.)


In the Microsoft 365 Logon tab, copy the code, then click on the Device login URL.

Your browser will open a new tab with the logon screen of M365.


First paste the copied code.


Then log in with the Global admin - give username and password and also the one-time password if you use MFA in M365 (it is highly recommended).


Click Continue on the Azure CLI confirmation page.


The page will confirm that you successfully signed in.


Return to the SP console. Here you will see that the connection is now verified. Click Next.


Review the Summary page and click Finish.


Wait until the organization connection is created, then continue to the next article, to set up the backup job.



To exit the M365 integration UI, click Go back.


Then Exit Configuration.