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Erstellen Sie eine Firma in VSPC (VBR und VBA)

Loggen Sie sich in die Service Provider Console mit ihrem  Reseller user.

Wählen Sie das Companies Menu und klicken Sie auf den +New Button.


Folgen Sie dem Wizard um eine neue Firma zu erstellen. 

Geben Sie die Details an den Kunden weiter (Name und Login alias sind die einzigen wichtigen Felder.)


Bei dem Company Type Menu wählen Sie Native aus, da wir keinen vCloud Director verwenden.


You need to provide a username and a password for the new company's admin. The Site can be chosen from the drop-down menu.


On the Services tab, under Managed backup choose the installation management options:

  • If your customer has a physical server / workstation > enable the Backup Agent management option
  • If your customer has virtual machines on HyperV or VMware > enable the Backup Server management option

Under Cloud Connect resources: enable the Backup resources toggle and click on Configure... 


Click +Add > Choose the available repository > give it a friendly name

Choose the quota for your customer

Then click OK and Apply.


At the Billing menu point, you can create and choose the subscription plan you’d like to assign to the customer. Choose No billing if you don't use the console for invoicing your customers.


At the Bandwidth menu, you can set a limit to the traffic the customer would be creating.


At the Multi-Factor Authentication menu, you can enable MFA login for your customer for the SP console.


In the notifications menu, you can set up a Welcome email for your customer.


On the Summary screen you can review your settings. Click Finish to create the new company.


Finish the wizard and wait until the new company is in an Active state.