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Create a new M365 Backup job (DE)

Note: if you plan to configure multiple jobs, be aware that each user will be processed only once. E.g. Job A: backup entire organization - Job B: backup - in this configuration, John Doe will be automatically excluded from Job A (there will be no warning). This can lead to issues if you disable / remove the schedule of Job B, because this will result in John Doe not being backed up at all.

Log in to the SP console with your Reseller account.

Choose Backup Jobs > Microsoft 365 Objects > Create Job > Backup Job


Give the job a name (something meaningful)


In the Organization tab, choose the M365 Organization where you need to make the backup.


In the Backup Mode tab, you can choose from several options:

You can backup the whole organization (every user and group), backup only selected entities, and you can also set up Exclusions.


If you backup the whole organization, we highly recommend excluding administrators (who don't have mailboxes), unlicensed users (who also don't have mailboxes) and special users (e.g. the Directory Sync user if you use AAD Sync.)


When done, click Apply and Next.

Choose a Schedule. If you want to set up multiple jobs for several organizations, it is recommended to spread out the scheduled run times throughout the day, for better performance. The backup job does not have an effect on M365 performance (e.g. your emails will NOT be delayed if a backup job is running on your mailbox), so backups can also run during the day. 


Review the Summary page, then click Finish.