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Under the hood...


Each time you do something on the panel, your action will be queued and will be automatically processed within 5 minutes. For example, if you provisioned a mailbox, during this time in the list of mailboxes, you’ll see the status “Provisioning” next to your new mailbox.


If you click on the status, you’ll see more information, and can run the job manually.


To see the queued actions, go to “Service Director” > “General” > “Service Queue”. Each successfully processed item will be automatically removed from here, but if the provisioning ran into an error, you’ll be able to see it here as well. The status “Failed” is also clickable.



If you run into an error, you can check what went wrong on the “Group Actions” tab of the company (listing the actions only in relation to that company), or by pressing the “Group Actions” button on the side menu. Here you can check all actions of all companies, and can filter the list by customer name, or action type and status, etc.

Group Action under a company:


Group Action of the side menu:


To see the error, click on the “Failed” status. You can try to resolve the issue if it’s simple (e.g. if the password of a new mailbox doesn’t meet the required criteria, you can set a new password, and retry the provisioning), or you can send this error to the support with the user name, and we’ll be happy to help.

Bulk update of users

To modify the settings of multiple users, go to the “Group Actions” button on the “Mailbox” tab. Note that this button takes you to a different form than the “Group Actions” tab in the top menu.


Here, you can modify multiple settings of mailboxes: permissions, group membership, email aliases, forwarding, etc.

In our example, we add email aliases with one of the alternative domains of the test company to three users, using the local part of the original email addresses of the users. E.g. one of the users’ original email address is Now, we’ll provision an email address for them with the domain, so that their new alias email address will be