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Organization Configuration

Organization Configuration Menu

To manage an Exchange organization go to Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Accounts and click on the Manage button for the given company.


You can now choose from the different menu points to modify the organization.



On the Contacts tab, you can create, modify, and delete contacts.


To create a new Contact, click “Add Mail Contact” and fill in the form.


Distribution Groups

On the Distribution Groups tab, you can create, modify and delete Distribution Groups. To create a group, click on “Add Distribution List.”


On the “New Distribution Group” form, you can choose from several group types. To create a normal group, leave the selection on “Simple Distribution Group” and fill in the form.


Choose the Owner of the group and the list members by using the arrows, then click Save.


Modify a group

If you click on a distribution group in the list of groups, you can modify its settings. On the “List Members” tab, you can add or remove members using the arrows. On the “Email Addresses” tab you can configure email addresses, on the “Send As” and “Send on Behalf” tabs you can configure the corresponding settings the same as with a normal mailbox.


On the Advanced tab, you have group specific options. You can modify the owner, and the group joining policy, etc. The most important settings here is the “Require that all senders are authenticated” option. With this settings, you can control if the group can accept messages from outside of the organization or not. To enable external users to send emails to the group, remove the tick from here.


Application Impersonation

Application impersonation is used to give access to the mailboxes of an organization by an application (e.g. an email archiving application like Mailstore), using a certain mailbox. The mailbox then will be able to log on to the other mailboxes, but only through the application (NOT via OWA or Outlook).



A disclaimer is a text appended to email bodies automatically, (e.g. protect trees, eat beavers, don’t print).


Blacklists and Whitelists

Blacklists and Whitelists can be set on the company level. To control which addresses, domains and networks are allowed through our spam filter without spam checks, and which ones get blocked by default, you can add entries in the text boxes on the “White & Black list” tab. 

    1. Log in to Machpanel (
    2. Go to Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Accounts 
    3. Choose the company that you'd like to modify and click on the Manage.



4. On the White & Blacklist tab add the entries into the relevant box(es). The lists need to be comma separated. If the given entry doesn’t fit the criteria of the given field (e.g. in the email box, you give a network), the panel will automatically filter the incorrect entries.


5. Hit Save and Apply

In order to clear all entries, click on "Clear all White & Blacklists"