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Add a New Customer and Subscribe to Exchange

Add a New Customer

Under Customer Manager > Customers, click on New customer.


The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*), two things to note: at the Access Template field, choose Default Client Template and when you filled all the data, click on “Add and Subscribe to service” (not simply Add Customer).


Subscribe to Exchange (create new Exchange organization)

If you clicked on just Add customer, and want to subscribe to a service, go to the Customer manager > Customers, find the given customer, click on the menu icon at the right and choose Subscribe Service from the drop-down.


Choose Exchange Hosting


Leave the Add New Organization as it is, and give the Organization a name, then give the domain name. You may also add a comment that will be logged. Click on Shopping Cart.


Remove the tick from the „Send subscription setup email“ and click Next.


Click Save:


You’ll be automatically taken to the Service Queue. Here you may click on Run or wait for the job to be processed automatically:


When the job was processed, it will disappear from the queue.

Now, go to Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Accounts and you will see your added organization with 0 mailboxes in the list. You can now start to manage it.


You can see the successful subscription in the Audit log:


Create new Mailboxes

Under Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Accounts, click on the number of mailboxes shown for the given company.


Click on “Add new mailbox” and choose User Mailbox to create a normal mailbox.

Never choose Linked Mailbox, it will give you an error, because our user database is not using this type of mailbox. 


Fill in the required data.

Required fields:

  • Template: make sure to set it to Standard so that the storage quotas are provisioned correctly.
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Password (twice)

You may also specify mailbox permissions, additional contact information and distribution group membership in the optional fields and boxes.

Click Add mailbox.