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Set up Outlook with "Outlook Anywhere"

"Outlook Anywhere" is Microsoft's implementation of the RPC/HTTP protocol with the use of Autodiscover. Also colloquially referred to as MAPI which is often confused with the general term MAPI referring to any kind of messaging API, and with MAPI/HTTP which is another solution by Microsoft for the exact same thing that Outlook Anywhere does.

It is the easiest way to set up the connection between Outlook and Hosted Exchange.

First open Control Panel:

  • Click the Windows button and start typing "Control"
  • Click on Control Panel when it appears in the menu.


To open the email settings, change from the 'category' view to Large or Small icons and click on Mail.



Click on Show Profiles..


Click on Add...


Give your name (the display name you'd like others to see on your sent emails) and your credentials:


Outlook will search for your account:




Now you can open Outlook and your email account will be setup.

On the first login, you'll need to give your credentials again. Now click on "Remember my credentials" and click OK.


In the right-hand side corner of your screen, Outlook will notify you about the creation of the local copy of your mailbox. It takes some time for all the emails to be downloaded (depending on your network speed and the size of your mailbox, this can take up to a few hours, but normally, only a few minutes).