SMTP settings for Scanners and Printers

Each MFP (multifunctional printer) device is different in terms of its menu system and available settings. This guide is only intended to give you an idea of the possible settings that we accept, however, it cannot guide you through the process to configure your device. Please, consult the documentation of your device to see where to find the SMTP settings menu.

SMTP server name:

SMTP port: 587 or 465

587: explicit TLS port meaning that if there is a possibility for it, the connection will be performed through an encrypted channel, if not, it will be downgraded to cleartext. We do support TLS, so the connection should not get downgraded. 

465: implicit TLS port meaning that the connection will be made via TLS or will fail if TLS is not available on the server. We do support TLS, so the connection should be established. 

Security: in the menu of the device, you may have this (or a similarly named) field with a drop-down with the possible choices of TLS, TLS if possible, SSL, none, Auto. Choose TLS or 'TLS if possible'. 

Authentication: required.

We do not support unauthenticated SMTP.

User name: the user who will log on to the mail server. The user needs to have a mailbox on our Exchange.

Password: password of the above user.

Sender: this is the email address that will appear in the emails of scanned documents sent by the device. This should be the same as user name, or it can be another mailbox, but the user specified in the authentication settings needs to have Send As permission on this mailbox.

Test your settings and save them.

In case the above settings don't work for you, please, contact us. Take a screenshot of the menu of the device with the details that you provided.