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Terms of Service

In order to meet the requirement of GDPR that you are transparent about how you handle data on your website, Nextcloud offers the possibility to set a Terms of Use. We cannot help with writing your rules of the game, but here is how to configure it.

This feature is available as an App. If you'd like to use it, please, consult your provider of the App availability on your Nextcloud version. We are happy to enable it for you, if it's available.


Go to Settings (Administrator account)


Choose Terms of Service

Select the region and the language where this given Terms of Service applies


Copy the text and click Save


The settings are saved and now you can create a new Terms of Service for another language and region. We recommend you to set one for Global use.


What the user sees

After logging in the Terms of Service appears in a pop-up window


The user needs to scroll down to accept it.


If the Terms change...

If you made a change in your Terms of Service and would like to enforce the users to accept it again, go to Settings > Terms of Service > click on Reset all Signatories. The new Terms of Service will appear in a pop-up window.