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Register Your Device and Login to Citrix Using 2FA


Dual-factor authentication is a security process in which a user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves. The first step (or first factor) is to provide your user credentials: your usual login name and password. The second step (or second factor) is to provide a passcode that verifies that the user who is trying to log in has the authorization to log in.

Before a user can use dual-factor authentication, they first need to register the device that will generate a one-time passcode for them (also called OTP). This device is usually a smart phone, but you can use your tablet as well. The application that can generate the passcode for you is called Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator needs to be first installed on your phone.

Register your device (phone)

After you installed Google Authenticator, you need to register your device with Citrix.

To register your device, first you need to access the manageotp web page:

    1. In your office, go to https://yourCITRIXdomain/manageotp.
    2. Login using your normal credentials.


3. Click Add Device.


4. Enter a device name and click Go.


5. Open Google Authenticator, and tap the plus sign and tap Scan QR Code


6. Scan the QR code


7. The device name will appear on your phone, tap Save.

8. Click Test on the website to test the setup.


    1. Enter the passcode shown in your Authenticator, and click Go.



You can now log off from the registering site.

Registering your device needs to be done only ONCE. After the registration, in order to log in to Citrix, you’ll only need to follow the steps described in the next section.