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Archived: Create company

On any computer, log on to the Service Provider console with your Reseller user.

Choose the Companies menu and click on the +New button.


Follow the wizard to create the new company.


At the Company Type menu, choose Native, because we do not use vCloud Director.


You need to provide a username and a password for the new company. The Site can be chosen from the drop-down menu.


In order for the new company to be able to make backups, you need to assign it backup resources, so click the toggle next to Cloud backup resources (and a new menu point appears called Backup resources).


Click on +Add to add the new resources. A new window will appear, where you need to specify the following:

  • A friendly name for the repository where the backups of your customer will be stored
  • From the drop-down you need to choose the repo that you need
  • You may specify a quota, the amount of storage space that the given customer can use. E.g. you, as a reseller bought 1 TB quota from your service provider, but you need to distribute that among multiple companies, so by specifying a quota here, you can control the storage consumption of the customer.
  • You can also set a limit to the number of computers which are backed up
  • You can also enable WAN acceleration through the SP’s VCC server (recommended for faster transfers)


At the Billing menu point, you can create and choose the subscription plan you’d like to assign to the customer. You can use the default one.


At the Bandwidth menu, you can set a limit to the traffic the customer would be creating.


On the Summary screen you can review your settings. Click Finish to create the new company.