Set up SMTP

In order for the email restore to work from the Web Access, the SMTP settings need to be properly configured in Mailstore. If your Exchange services are hosted by Speicherblock, this has already been taken care of for you. If not, you need to set it up within Mailstore.

Log in to the Email Archiving Client and go to Administrative Tools > Miscellaneous >  SMTP Settings.

Here you need to define the following:

If the server requires authentication, you'll also need to provide a username and a password. In this case, the mailbox or user defined under the Sender field needs to have Send-As permission on the authenticating mailbox. (The easiest way to achieve this is to give the same mailbox to both the User name field and the Sender field.)


Speicherblock does not provide unauthenticated SMTP service. If you need help in the configuration, please contact us.

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