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Create New Users

Download and Install the E-mail archive client or the Outlook-add-in

To download the latest compatible client application for Mailstore, please visit: (without your company’s name at the end).


E-mail Archive Client

After downloading the Client installer, double click it, and go through the steps of the installer. No need to modify anything. After the process is finished, you can start the application.

Log in to Mailstore

Open the E-mail Archive from the desktop.


If beforehand you used the option “Always log on to this server” and you don’t get the prompt where you can give the instance URL, hold the Shift key down when opening the Archive.


Log in with your admin credentials you received from the provider.


Create Users

Speicherblock Hosted Exchange customer

If your Exchange services are hosted by Speicherblock Hosted Exchange, your users should already be present in Mailstore, your provider imported them, making use of a feature called Directory Services. If this has not been done, please, contact us.

Customer on O365

Please, click here, to review how to integrate Mailstore with O365 in order to use the O365 modern authentication with Mailstore.

Customer with Email services hosted by another provider

If your Exchange services are hosted by another provider, please follow the steps below to create your Mailstore users.

In the Mailstore Client, click on Administrative Tools > Users and Archives > Users menu. Then click Create New…


Give the login name of the user. It’s practical to give this user the same username as the Exchange user, because like this the user has to remember only one login name.


Specify the Password and the Privileges of the user:


If you give the Change Password privilege to the user, when they log on to the Client with their current password, they will be able to click the Password… button (marked as 1 above). If this access right is not present, the button is grayed out.

Forgotten password

If a user forgot their password, the administrator can specify a new one.

  • Log on to Mailstore
  • Go to Administrative Tools > Users and Archives > Users
  • Highlight the given user
  • Click Properties


  • Click on "Password..."
  • Specify the new password twice
  • Click OK twice


If the administrator forgot their password, please get in contact with the provider.

You are not finished yet! To create Archiving profiles and automatic archiving jobs, click here.